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Will I still be able to have sex?

Discussion on the difficulties trach wearers experience.

Postby Admin » Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:07 pm

From original site-

In general the trach should haven't too much affect on sex, although positions for certain activities will have to be altered so that his trach hole is not blocked. Hold him/h like you would anyone else. As for "play" it will depend on the type of "play" you are thinking of, I know some pretty kinky folks out there that manage just fine (key is position and thinking outside the box (so to speak-lol)).
thank you so much jill for answering. i know one can get out of breath during love making so that was my main concern. for some reason i was thinking that it was a cord under clothes that ran from throat to i dont know. i would like to know a lot more do you think its okay to discuss trachs w/someone who dont have one or do you think my quetioning will make him uncomfortable, or how do people who have trachs deal w/questions about cleaning, pains, everyday life and etc is this a subject thats normally touchy or is it okay to be discussed.
Yes some trach people get out of breath doing things. Again regarding sex it will be positions and such that you will need to experiment with. He/she is not really too different from your average person, so just treat him/her as you would anyone else, just realize that he/she might do somethings a bit slower than someone else (especially if he/she get's winded).

Folks have got to get over thinking those with a disability can't have sex or don't want sex. We are just like everyone else and sex is part of that!

There is no cord running anywhere. He has a hole in his throat and most likely a tube (into his windpipe) to keep the hole open. Visit Jill's Soapbox and look at the photos article, you will see most common used things for trach patients and you will see diagrams showing the tube in the windpipe, etc.

I would also suggest reading the other articles in Jill's Soapbox as it should give you a idea of trach things. You should also visit the web links section as there are links to cleaning, changing, etc.

Discussing trachs with someone that doesn't have one will not gain you much. You probably should attempt to talk to them directly.

As for do questions make people uncomfortable, that is an individual things just like the rest of questions in a persons life. Some people don't mind answering questions and some people do.

Go gently, be concerned but don't treat him/her like he/she is gonna break, treat him/her as you would anyone else in the world. If you develop a relationship let him/her guide you on what he/she can and can't do, and if he/she doesn't want to talk about something trach related, let it go and gently try again another day.

Stop worrying, don't make an issue out of something before anything happens.
just that i want to know more about his condition and i want to know what to expect you've told me quite a bit. i will check out some of the things you've suggested so that i can learn more, againg thank you so much for responding.
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