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Modified Vehicle

Cars and RVs, you and your trache.

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From original site:

Well we (Jill') modified a Yukon XL.

Obtained the National Highway Traffic Safety Association air bag waiver and had shut off air bag switches installed.
-Concern with air bag deployment would be the speed in which they deploy (some up to 200 mph (322 kph) with 2,600 pounds of force and the air bag hitting the trach and causing it to:
(1) break the trach tube/face plate in some manner
(2) part or all of the trach tube being forced into the windpipe or lungs from the impact
(2) break the trach tube and part be dislodged and cause breathing issues
(3) break the trach tube and part or all of the trach tube falling down the
windpipe or into the lungs. This seems similar to the warning they give
about not smoking a pipe while driving as it can be deadly.

-Another concern--deployment is frequently accompanied by a release of
dust-like particles in the vehicles interior, you really don't want this dust in your lungs. Asthmatics (without a trach) usually have an asthma attack and have to seek immediate medical treatment, so what do you think a person with a trach will have happen?

Seatbelts can also be a problem with a trach, in most emergency's the seat belt will be slammed against the trach, possible breaking the tube or forcing tube into the windpipe or lungs. Check with your DMV to see if you can get an exemption. In California for example you can get an exemption because seat belt law does not apply to a passenger or operator with a physically disabling condition or medical condition which would prevent appropriate restraint in a safety belt, if the condition is duly certified by a licensed physician and surgeon or by a licensed chiropractor who shall state the nature of the condition, as well as the reason the restraint is inappropriate.

Some might be able to use a seatbelt extenders BUT not all manufactures make seat belt extenders. Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche to name a few.

-Turning your head to see the blind spot might be a problem. Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirror can help. 2 mirrors instead of one, this way you can set one for your blind spot.

Getting in and out of your vehicle.

If you have a SUV you might need a step. The Bestop POWERSTEP is the a fully automated running board and will hold up to 600 pounds.

-The Sit-N-Lift™ power seat is a fully motorized, rotating lift-and-lower passenger seat that can make getting into and out of a vehicle easier for you or someone you care about.

-The Elaine Anne Lift System- The driver enters through the driver's door, directly behind the steering wheel and operates the vehicle from his/her wheelchair. Only the driver's area is renovated, so the passenger capacity is virtually unaffected.

-Rotator-- Rotating vehicle seat base for easier access in and out of the vehicle.

Just a few other items to think about

Hand Controls, Left Foot Gas Pedal, Dual Brake Controls, Stability Management Systems, Bioptics, Steering devices, pedal extender, steer column extension, etc. There are many options out there so don't give up if you can't find it right away. You might want to start with NHTSA's Adapting Motor Vehicles for People With Disabilities brochure.

Buying a new vehicle be sure and check with them to see if they have a rebate program for disabled modifications. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Saturn all have reimbursement programs.
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