Friday, April 19, 2019
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Jill thinks you might like these accessories

You will need to wear what is called a trach tie/holder to hold the trach in place.  Look in our web links under accessories.

You will need a lube for your outer cannula, have your doctor write a prescription for Xylocaine 2% Jelly, this will not only make it easier to slide the tube in and out, but will numb the area inside a bit for a short time. This is okay to have in your stoma (as opposed to some of the things I hear folks using).

You might want an HME (this allows moisture when you are out of the house and keeps things from flying into your windpipe)

The best HME I have found is GibeckTrach Vent available from Hudson RCI (REF 41112)

This has a photo of Trach Vent series--has trach vent, holder and oxygen tube in photo.
This filter is much easier to breath through then the most common HME

Go here to see a sample photo of most common used: HUMID-VENT-mini
You will see this one is pretty small, the one I recommend has a larger "dead space" which makes breathing MUCH easier.

You may want to cover the trach for appearances and less stares:

Cardinal E-Z Breathe is a good filter.  I have used this one especially when getting a hair cut.

Buchanan Protector I have used this one also and works okay.

Breathe easy filter

All sorts of filtering covers

Taking a shower-

Well first I would invest in grohe relaxa shower wand or something very similar.  This has made my life so much easier for taking a shower.  I am also finding I have to educate hotels about getting these in handicap rooms......most roll-in shower handicap rooms come this way.....but not all.  I have pre-set the showerhead on the rod and it always hits below my trach site (no splashing into my trach).

When washing my hair (since I can bend my head forward) I take a hand towel and wrap it loosely around my neck and point the water where I want it to go.

Another suggestion I have heard for washing hair:

When showering: direct the water spray at chest level, and place the shower shield over your tracheotomy or hold a dry washcloth in your teeth.

They also have tracheotomy shower shields.  See our web links page under accessories. Links valid March 2012)



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