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Photos of various trach tubes, buttons and supplies

Here is a small representation of various items that trach wearers use. Some of these are used on a day to day basis, other items are rarely use by some folks and some people never use some of the items.

Breathing through mouth and nose can be difficult as you can see the trach tube fills the airway
Allegiance AirLife™ Tracheostomy Mask
B&F Tracheotomy Mask
Hudson Tracheostomy Mask
Cool Max
Some use this in place of HME
Mask attached to corrugated tubing for humidification
HME (easier for breathing)
Speak EZ HME and speaking valve
Passy-Muir Valve (PMV)
TRACOE® phonassist I. Adjustable airflow feature allows you to set any desired resistance to expired air. This feature helps eliminate the back pressure that plagues most speaking valves.
Shikani-French speaking valve
Speaking valve that has been drilled. Photo courtesy of Most doctors don't have a problem with people drilling holes in the passy-muir valve. A few ENT's state you can have as many as 6 holes if needed. Remember to rinse the PMV very thoroughly in warm running water after drilling the hole(s)
Speaking valve with drilled hole. Photo courtesy of
AeroTrach Plus® Valved Holding Chamber for Tracheostomy Patients-For people that have a tracheostomy tube or tracheal stoma.  Delivers metered dose from inhalers (MDIs)
Bunn Silent Compressor-For humidification
Bottle to attach to compressor which attaches to corrugated tubing which attaches to trach mask for humidification.  Allegiance AirLife™ Cat 002002 Nebulizer with air Entrainment and Immersion Heater Adapter (can be used without heater)
Blue corrugated tubing
White corrugated tubing
DeVilbiss Suction Machine
Suction Catheter
Saline Bullet

Mucosal Atomization Device

Stoma Whistle-Great for getting attention of people.
The PARI TREK® S compact compressor (for aerosol treatments)
DeVilbiss Reusable Jet Nebulizer (aerosolized medication delivery)
The PARI LC®PLUS standard jet nebulizer (aerosolized medication delivery)
The PRONEB®Ultra II compressor (for aerosol treatments)
Tilson Trach Guard
Lucae Surgical Bayonet
Trach Cleaning Brush
Trach Cleaning Kit
Latex Free Foam Q-Tip/Swab

Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder

DHD® Tracheostomy Strap

Marpac Tracheostomy Collar
Posey Trach Tie
Chain collar/tie

Nellcor Shiley trach tube

Tracoe Twist Tube
Chevalier-Jackson Tracheal Tube
Moore Tube
Tracoe Comfort
Tracoe Vario
Portex Lo-Profile™ Tracheostomy Tubes
The Lo-Profile™ tracheostomy tube is ideal for the active patient.  Two styles of inner cannula come with each tube: a standard Lo-Profile™ inner cannula and a 15 mm ISO termination inner cannula for ventilator hook-up. The semi-reusable inner cannula may be cleaned and reused up to 21 times
Bivona® Uncuffed Adult Tracheostomy Tubes-For patients who do not require a cuff, the all silicone construction of this uncuffed tube makes it an ideal choice.
Bivona® Sleep Apnea Tracheostomy Tubes-The Bivona® sleep apnea tracheostomy tube provides a low-profile design, easily “capped” and concealed during waking hours.
Blom-Singer Laryngectomy Tube
Hood Stoma Stent
Montgomery® Long-Term Cannula
Olympic trach-button  Self-retaining device for maintaining tracheal stoma, long or short term. Made of inert Teflon.
Barton-Mayo Tracheostoma Button
Helsper Tracheostoma Vent (Button)
Speak EZ Cannula (Button)
Tracoe Stoma Button
Stoma Stud

Larkel (For swimming)

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