Friday, April 19, 2019
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Stoma Whistle

Do you need to get someone's attention at home or when out? Here is an idea about how to make an inexpensive stoma whistle.

You can find cheap whistles at party stores or in the children's toy isle or you can invest in a medal whistle.

Get a small plastic cup similar to the ones used for to-go liquids/dressings in restaurants. They are a couple of inches in diameter and one to two inches deep. You might also be able to use the measuring cups that come in powdered drink mixes or your pharmacy can give you a liquid medicine cup that they give with liquid medicines.

Using an exacto blade cut a rectangle slot in the bottom of the cup to fit the mouthpiece of the whistle. Using a hot glue gun make a seal around whistle and cup on the OUTSIDE.

Place the cup over your trach and exhale/blow.

In our links section (Accessories) there is a link to a place that sells stoma whistles.

You could also do this with a New Years Eve noise maker or birthday noise maker.

Instead of the plastic cup something like a baby bottle nipple might work. Cut off the small end and stretch it over the mouth part of the whistle, you might need to hot glue it in place. Put the other end of the nipple over your trach and exhale/blow.

Of course if you really want to make noise one of these compressed air aerosol can with a horn attachment on top that you have heard at football/baseball/basketball games would work and they are VERY loud.





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