Friday, April 19, 2019
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You should get these things BEFORE your surgery

When you first leave the hospital you will need these items--

Most of these will be in your life FOREVER--

  -A suction machine (catheters...saline bullets)

  -A humidifier (I have the Bunn Silent humidifier with tubing and mask-that goes over trach)

  -Extra trach tube/button

  -Cannula cleaning brushes (forget the trach cleaning kits--only have them get you two or three of them). 

Take the time ahead of time to find out what your insurance will cover and what home health care provider you will be using and get all the pieces ordered by your doctor BEFORE the surgery, so it is at home waiting for you. 

You can't have a home care provider taking weeks or months to get these to you, these items are for keeping you ALIVE and BREATHING.

Have the hospital train you and your family how to use the machines.

Insist on the doctor teaching you how to change your trach BEFORE leaving the hospital. 

You will probably also need someone with you for the first few days, weeks, or months (depends on you and your healing and mental state).

I recommend you change/rotate the entire tube 1 (once) a week.

I recommend you clean inner cannulas as needed or every 2 hours.

NOTE-Buttons in general seem not to be made for people with a very long stoma.  Unless when they put your trach in they make the hole for a button (straight as opposed to curved for a tube) you will have problems getting one to fit correctly.




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