Friday, January 21, 2022
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This site is for people who have a tracheotomy and for the people who love them. I hope that my web pages will be helpful and that the information provided here will be of use to you and your family.

The information, resources, discussion groups, links, and rating trach related items, etc. on my pages are not to be substituted for medical services or to be considered us giving medical advice of any kind. I stress that you always talk over any information you find with your health care professional.

My only goal is to provide information so you and your family will be well educated, be prepared to ask your medical professionals important questions, and not struggle through learning the hard way as my family did.

In this day and age you have to take an active role in your health care and not allow the medical profession to pull the "do as I say" attitude. Most doctors have no idea what it is like to live with a foreign object in their body, and some have to be reminded of that fact.

Since the number of people with permanent tracheotomies is low compared to other medical conditions, we are left with limited knowledge among the general population of doctors. Sure every doctor has to learn how to do a tracheotomy, but how many have they done in their careers? and how many of those have been permanent? and how many have had to do ongoing care? and how many know there are more than 1 or 2 types of trache tubes or buttons available?

Sad fact is not many. Yes there are a couple doctors here and there that are considered the pros but generally they are not located near you. Trying to get your medical insurance to cover an out of your area treatment can be a nightmare, let alone the amount of money you have to come up with for air transportation, hotel and other expenses just to make the trip which could turn out to be non productive. So I am trying the next best thing: Education.

Education is necessary for you and your care. Education is necessary for your family because they need to learn there are things you no longer do and they can't expect you to do anymore. Education is necessary for those around you who are your life line in an emergency situation.

I hope you enjoy my web site. I suggest you start in Jill's Soap box, and start with the article " Photos of various trach tubes, buttons and supplies."

Thanks for visiting—stop by often.

--Jill Sybalsky

You should be aware of three of my current policies: not allowing commercial postings (or ones that seem like an advertisement), no spam and no religious postings.

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